Sexy is defined as "something that attracts a lot of interest and excitement". 
To put this into a different perspective think of sexy as magnetic.  A
person, place, or thing that attracts a lot of interest and excitement.  A
house can be sexy, a car, an outfit, a resort, a hotel etc.  All of these things
can be categorized as sexy. 
Now think in terms of energy. Can you have
sexy energy?  Answer: of course you can! This sexy energy begins in the
mind!  You have a sexy mind - a mind that's creative and genius and
free from the influences of other minds.  You empower your own mind
through your own self talk and your own magnificent imagination. 
Your confidence is sexy, and so is the ability to be yourself and
express your own unique personality to intentionally attract the things
and people that interest and excite you.  There is only one law in this universe
and that law is "EVERYTHING IS YOUR MIND."  Your mind creates everything you experience
in your life, from love, financial riches and wealth, good health and sadness and despair. 
So many people are fighting the struggle of improving their mental health. 
They have suppressed and resisted their sexiness and have been fighting
a losing battle with their own hearts and minds. They are equipped with 
inferior knowledge of how to take back the reigns over their brains. This
comes from their wrongful perceptions of their own amazing sexual
energy.  They use inferior language against themselves that has caused
separation and disease in their minds and bodies. We know because we've been there,
but we learned the truth and invite you to do the same.
Your chakra energy centers, and the systems of sound, frequency, and
vibration, connect us all in an amazing network and web of energy.  Thus,
some people - instead of being sexy and attracting the interest and
excitement of the things and people they want - choose shame, guilt, 
judgement and hate so they repel those great things.  Your clothing
is an expression of who you are, what you're thinking and how you're
Your words have meaning, and this is the simple concept that created
Semper FitSexy. We send a message to you that you are sexy and infinite,
and this gives you a wonderful perspective on how you can be whatever
you desire to be. Our apparel provides you the mental tools to raise your
own vibration and frequency and to be mindful and love yourself
unconditionally and practice self care. Because self care is self love.
Cheers to you for taking control of your mind, and unleashing your
sexiness!  Attract the exciting life you desire and always dream bigger.
You will never again let another person's opinions influence you to talk
yourself out of what is rightfully yours - and that's living
your greatest life to the fullest!

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