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July 07, 2019 3 min read

Why aren’t you living the life you want you ask? It’s not the genetics. It’s not bad luck, and no your not a victim so don’t act like one. It’s the mental programming. The first 6 years of your life is where you get programmed to be either powerful or weak. Your so powerful you don’t even believe it. You can heal yourself with vibrations. If you don’t believe it go to YouTube and play 432hz or 528hz or any other higher frequency while you sleep and see how refreshed you feel in the morning. You can heal yourself with positive thoughts. The question should be what programs have you been programmed with. Knowledge is power, so no knowledge means no power. I’m not talking about degrees because don’t get me wrong those are amazing achievements. Im talking about the knowledge to question things in tradition.  The learning that comes from within is some of the best knowledge available and it’s available to us all. We are all vibration.  We are all energy. If you have limited science and you base you base your decisions on knowing science is truth then you have limited knowledge. The world evolves and science evolves so if you believe the same thing you learned traditionally years ago then your left behind. We are all connected as we are all energy vibration.  When you get other vibrations in harmony with you it’s called constructive interference or the feeling of “good vibes”. If you find yourself in a threatening or dangerous environment your energy gets canceled out. You will feel drained and tired and that’s because your energy isn’t a match. A gym, a job, a locker room, a classroom it doesn’t matter. We seek out harmony so we go towards an area with the good vibes of that which we truly seek. Only 5% of our lives are in our control. The mind with our wishes and what we want in our life is when we are conscious.  The 95% is our subconscious and our automatic programs meaning our actual habits. The issue we all have is that if you were raised with the programming that makes you weak or poor or limited in anyway then that’s how your actually going to behave. That’s the default that was programmed by other people, your parents, your family members, your friends. The environment is what raises you and creates your mindset. If you come from struggle without the knowledge to get out of that struggle you’ll grow up and live in struggle. That’s all your programmed to be is limited. So in order to go into the subconscious you need to quiet that mind of yours and be still. Meditation is quite the mechanism used to program your mind and body to unite and create the life you want. Find a comfortable quiet place and space and first and foremost come to a present state by focusing on your breath. Then become aware of all that you want to change in your life and stop those habits from reoccurring. You need to focus on the future and stop living in the past. You are not your past you have the ability to create your future. Realize that you yourself are the problem and that nobody is holding you back except yourself. Then you will realize your true potential. Believe me it’s all in your mind. 
Fidelis Anoka II
Fidelis Anoka II

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